venerdì, luglio 13, 2018

French Revolution, an anniversary

Tomorrow is July 14th and France celebrates the 200th anniversary of the French Revolution.

The second half of the eighteenth century was full of events that changed the history of humanity and great men were its creators and protagonists. Just over twenty years ago, on July 4, 1776, with the Declaration of Independence, a new nation was born, the United States of America, and this is just one of many events. Among the men, how can we not remember two of these dear to me Mozart and Smith, but the list is incredible from Washington to Catherine of Russia, from Jean-Jacques Rousseau to Voltaire, from Benjamin Franklin to Beccaria and so we could continue. If those mentioned were men who govern us today are Neanderthal hominids. Think only of the pseudo directory (to stay on the theme of the French revolution) composed by Conte, Salvini and Di Maio, but in the world we are not put so much better by Trump to Macron and long way.

We hope to have reached the bottom and that somewhere in this world there is a forge of enlightened minds, we must believe in the good and progress of humanity.

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