martedì, maggio 08, 2012

Dear Monti, reread Smith, is essential.

These days have been published in the Corriere della Sera data on GDP divided by industry production. If you compare the data with the drop in tax, you can easily conclude that the increase in the tax burden is causing the reduction of the wealth of the country.Raising taxes does not mean increasing the price of the goods and if not simultaneously increase the productivity of labor, the result can only be a reduction in purchasing power and an impoverishment of the whole society.Another aspect which should reflect Mountains regards the tax system and ways of acting and the tax collectors.Smith compares taxation in Great Britain and France. The first in 1775 has a population of 8 million inhabitants and tax revenue amounted to approx. 10 million pounds, the second has almost 30 million inhabitants, but the revenue does not reach 15 million. In addition, Smith points out in France the population is in poverty far more marked than in Britain despite the presence of large cities and the wealth of the nation, referring to the capital, is undoubtedly superior to that of Great Britain.The problem stems from the fact, and Smith shows, that the French tax system is much more unfairly than English.Not only is unfairly oppressive but also in the controls when the tax-invasive and pervasive induce the citizen to renounce to the creation of new productive activities. Even at that time a tax caused the excessive "capital flight" and fiscal evasion.Dear Monti, you absolutely must change course.You have to put hand to the expense of the state. I understand that this is a complex operation whose results will be seen only years later, but you have to start with just gestures "demonstration" but capable of launching major signals.Dear Monti make the list of cuts that you want to do and how we would save. You called Bondi to help you out Well I hope you gave him this task.Just a few examples:The end of funding to all the various trade union bodies both direct and indirect, but not among years now. How much money goes to organizations associations etc. ..Obviously the end of public financing of parties. If the city wants to finance a party can do, of course, issue a receipt ...The immediate halt of all expenses for consulting and professional positions throughout the government. Universities are the cream of consultants and the state pays them twice, first with the salary and the second with a plot? And no, if we are in a period of lean enough to these privileges.I understand that the health authority employees receive extra compensation for the courses on the use of defibrillators. But it seems logical that everything costs us health!!The list is long, but I am sure that in the end it really is billions of euros because if you have to save it must also be able to sum the individual euro.

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