venerdì, agosto 17, 2018

In Genoa the Morandi viaduct collapsed, in Italy democracy collapsed.

My heart is torn apart by the victims of the dramatic collapse. So many broken lives, so many wounded, the pain is strong and they are close to all those who cry and suffer.

Feelings express pity, but this does not mean losing your mind and on this account because democracy has collapsed with the bridge in Italy.

First; the Prosecutor Francesco Cozzi declares that the collapse of the bridge is not due to fatality. The Prosecutor with this statement is in line with the statements of Minister Danilo Toninelli and suggests that there is already a guilty party, indeed it has already been identified, it is Autostrade Companies. Now it is "only" to find evidence. Is this the independence between the powers of the state?

Second; Matteo Salvini declares that as Società Autostrade responsible for what happened, he must immediately pay. The company has made profits must put them immediately available. And all this must be done because the sovereign people have decided it, certainly we can not wait for the biblical times of our magistracy. I consider you guilty, so pay. Based on which tests? but those of the people and coincidentally this affirmation finds its side with that of the Procuratore Cozzi.

Third: Luigi di Maio declares that the Government has decided to revoke the concession to Società Autostrade because it has collected the money from tolls, but has not done the maintenance thing that is proven, "everyone knew", the magistrate knew and he also knew the people. The nationalization of Società Autostrade becomes a requisition, an expropriation without the payment of compensation.

These statements were released 48 hours after the disaster, to journalists during impromptu interviews while these three characters were on the scene of the disaster or during telephone interviews.

On the contrary, the declarations made by Di Maio in the presence of the President of the Conte Council who stood beside him as if he were the minister's baggage are particularly significant, so at least they showed the images transmitted.

The Directory of Revolutionary Memory is constituted.

Here is how a dictatorship manifests itself.

Dark times await us.

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